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Janmar is a family business established in 1971. Our company is active in the textile industry. Over the years we have concluded that for our customers the most important factor is quality.

Our efforts pays for themselves in business contracts with recognisable sportswear brands. We exploit the ultramodern production facilities based on Terrot and Mayer machines. We are a Polish leader in the production of best quality polyester fabrics made specifically for various types of sportswear. Our offering consists of a combination of best design and production quality. We produce 150 thousand metres of fabric. 50% of out sales come from foreign orders.

We continuously improve our products following world knitting technology trends.

Having Janmar as a business partner is a guarantee of solidness. Each customer, no matter how big or small, is treated individually. We've created advanced quality monitoring infrastructures in every step of the production workflow. That allow us to fulfil customer satisfaction.

We hope to have great business relationship with you.

Quality is our motto

Engaging in such a demanding application area as knitted products for athletes, we have to constantly ensure high quality. As a manufacturer of knitted fabrics we understand that our position is unique. We do not make the final product, but we constitute an important link in the chain of textile manufacturers.

Therefore, we control the quality at each point in the manufacturing process. From the selection of suppliers with whom we work, to materials, equipment and properly trained personnel. As one of the few we are able to offer based on a true knitted Coolmax yarns. We also have a certification confirming the correctness of the producers of proprietary markings for our knitwear. Labels are attached to the products in the form of a knitted fabric labels, which can then be attached to the final product.

















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