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    Martial arts - the best fabric for clothing

    When practicing karate, a kimono should be worn. When choosing judo, you will need a judoka, while for MMA classes, rashguard is useful. Each sport discipline requires using different fabric and cut, so it's worth knowing what to look for when choosing clothing.

    One of the currently most popular fabrics in recent times is the functional and extremely comfortable Merino wool, which is characterized by antibacterial properties, flexibility and durability. However, is it suitable for all sports disciplines?


    Fabric manufacturers with an offer for people modern and caring for tradition

    Judoka is characterized by a stiff fabric and a classic traditional cut, which has been used for many generations. While the fabric used to be was completely natural, today in the composition of many models, you can see mostly polyester. Is this a good choice? For amateurs, who want to reduce the cost of purchase it should be enough. At a more advanced level, better products are necessary.

    Merino wool is rarely seen in martial arts and it does not matter if it's rashguards or kimonos. Manufacturers usually choose synthetic replacements that are simply more popular. However, taking into account that Merino wool dynamically takes over the market of thermoactive clothes, runner clothes and mountaineering equipment, it is just a matter of time before this fabric appears in the functional elements of the fighters' wardrobe.

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    Thermoactive shirt or Rashguard? What are the differences?

    Putting thermoactive shirts and rashguards next to each other is often confusing for a non-sports person who does not use this type of equipment and accessories to maximize results. In a sense, rashguards can be called an improved thermoactive t-shirt, which is mainly aimed at contact sports competitors.

    The fabric must be primarily antibacterial, flexible, lightweight, durable and perfectly moisture draining - it sounds like a description of fabrics such as Merino wool.

    Functional fabric, or thermoactive shirts versus rashguard

    Draining moisture from the body is the main function of both shirts. They should be taut on the body to evenly absorb sweat, spreading it over as large a surface as possible, allowing it to evaporate. Rashguards, however, are used by more dynamic athletes, so in their case such details as seams are of great importance. Clothing manufacturers must use flatlock sewing methods so that the shirt do not cause painful chafing.

    Thermoactive t-shirts do not have to have compression systems, because in their case it is not so important. but when it comes to close contact with another player, the lack of loose clothing is of great importance. In the case of rashguards fabric manufacturers have a difficult mission, their products must be characterized by germicidal properties at a surprisingly high level - contact with a dirty mat, accessories, then other people and sometimes even blood are really difficult conditions for clothing.

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    Rashguard solution for training? Different companies, many fabrics

    Rashguard can be easily confused with a thermoactive t-shirt - especially if someone is not interested in the sports industry and accessories that are designed to maximize the athlete's performance. Every company is looking for the most technologically advanced solutions which they can use in their products. Fabric manufacturers have to face the most demanding group of customers - athletes need equipment that will allow them to reach higher levels.

    We want to introduce you to which disciplines rashguards are used most and what made them popular.


    Advanced fabric and professional workmanship

    One can not fail to notice that rashguards belong to clothing that is flexible and clings to the body, they must therefore have comfortable flatlock seams, which are characterized by a flat construction. This is primarily functional clothing, which must not only have good moisture management, flexibility and durability, but it should also be lightweight and have a compression system - thanks to which it will constantly cling to the body, supporting muscle work.

    The fabric must withstand the strain that is usually generated by fighting competitors, because rashguards are most often used by martial arts enthusiasts. It should be noted that the word rashguard means protection against rash, so germicidal fabrics (eg Merino wool) are welcome in contact sports, where the athlete is always close to the mat, other person's sweat and bacteria.

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    Sports leggings and print durability

    Analyzing the offers of companies involved in the production of sportswear, you can see a certain correlation, which distinguishes it from every day clothing. We talk about prints that state in a distinctive way that it is a model dedicated to players involved in physical training.

    Rashguard and leggings are a great example, the print on them is much more functional than you might think. It is worth noting what kind of fabric has been used, the method of printing and what color it has in order for the product to enjoy long life and reliability.


    Manufacturers of fabric and sportswear - why do they use prints?

    Shining through is a very serious problem that most manufacturers struggle with. They want to offer their customers a highly flexible and lightweight product, but low-quality fabric will certainly expose underwear when squatting. Thick fabric on the other hand will not offer training comfort, it will not drain water quickly enough and will not provide the right amount of air.

    Prints allow in some way to cover or divert attention from the temporary shining through, they improve the psychological comfort of the athlete, who does not have to give up light and well-draining fabric. The print must be of good quality with high elasticity, just as the fabric used, because if it stretches, it will no longer look good.

    It also plays the role of masking sweat stains in places that are uncomfortable for competitors, so if you are preparing a hard workout, it's worth taking care of your psychological comfort.

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    The meaning of socks in sport - fabric at the ready

    Regardless of whether we play basketball, football, volleyball, run, or are passionate about cycling, we need socks. It is an element that accompanies all sports disciplines in which specialized footwear is required (except perhaps for water sports, where footwear is a foundation).

    In this case the meaning of fabrics is huge, providing adequate ventilation to the feet is a guarantee of maximizing results and comfort - which will also translate into focus and lack of possible injuries.


    Ventilation and maintaining the right temperature

    The use of synthetic materials, can guarantee the lack of pressure and adaptation to the shape of the foot, however, many products offer very poor ventilation, so the temperature is high enough to cause discomfort. Fabric manufacturers nowadays have much greater possibilities, thanks to which they can mix and combine synthetic and natural fabrics, guaranteeing flexibility and comfort of wear, combined with breathability.

    We should also pay attention to the thickness and softness of the fabric - especially for runners who train on hard surfaces all the time and have to care for their joints, tendons and feet. For those who run the half-marathons, even seemingly low cushioning is noticeable.

    An interesting fact is that Merino wool is one of the most popular fabrics used in the production of athletic socks.

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    Yoga pants - feel comfortable

    Most people associate yoga with advanced stretching techniques. However, it is a physical activity combined with meditation, a balance between the mind and the body.

    For the first yoga class you do not need to be especially prepared, however, it is worth remembering that the equipment is able to improve the comfort of the training and classes, while the proper pants and t-shirt are usually made of a special fabric.


    Flexibility and lack of movement restrictions - a recipe for comfort

    If anyone thinks that yoga is a pleasant activity that does not require a lot of effort from people in class, they probably only know it from photographs and instructional videos. Initially, you should focus on the appropriate movement patterns.

    So what do you pay attention to when choosing the right sports leggings and T-shirts? The answer is simple - the most important is the fabric, which is responsible for comfort and moisture management. This is an extremely important issue, during some positions (eg downward facing dog), there may be a problem with shining through and visible sweat stains. Fabric manufacturers do not have a simple task, but by combining advanced technologies, synthetic and natural fabrics, you can achieve a really interesting final product that will meet the expectations of all, even the most demanding customers.

    Yoga should be primarily a relaxation for the soul, mind and body, so make sure that nothing will restrict you.

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    Cool climate and everyday use of merino wool

    Residents of Scandinavia, Canada and other places where the climate does not spoil with high temperatures and a lot of sun, are used to the prevailing conditions. The problem may arise with tourists who visit a given place once in a while and do not know what to expect and what equipment to take with them.

    Fortunately, fabric manufacturers took care of the cold climate fans, offering, among others, clothing from a fabric such as Merino wool, which is obtained from merino sheep.

    Let's ask ourselves, what can we expect from it?


    Merino wool - an excellent choice for everyone.

    Classic wool sweaters are associated with thick, heavy and scratchy fabric which is a cause of some discomfort. Getting used to such products can cost a lot of effort from people wearing them.

    Merino wool is a fabric that offers better parameters in terms of strength and application, also customers can be sure not to experience the unpleasant sensations associated with skin irritation. It is above all an ecological material, obtained from merino sheep originating in Asia. Thanks to the use of advanced technologies, the clothes look like classic cotton products - although they are much better.

    The price of clothing may seem higher, however it should be taken into account that it is a natural product and, above all, functional - merino wool is also used to produce clothes for athletes and mountaineering enthusiasts.

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    Merino wool and its application in high mountain sports

    Mountain climbing is a great adventure that allows you to gain extraordinary experience, meet special people and see unique places that most people will see only in photos and postcards. Every trip in such a difficult terrain requires proper training and purchase of equipment that will allow for safe and comfortable conquering of the mountains.

    Fabric manufacturers are not complacent and are constantly looking for solutions that will make alpine climbing a pure pleasure. Today, we want to introduce to you one of the fabrics that conquers the mountain enthusiasts...


    Merino wool - quality, warmth, reliability.

    Success comes with pain... That's what the VIPs of the world say, who managed to climb many peaks - regardless of whether it is business, their own skills or belonging to a group of conquerors of the most difficult mountain trails. However, you can minimize this pain by using professional equipment and clothing that is adapted to these conditions.

    Merino wool is a great example. It is not only characterized by thermal insulation at an outstanding level, but also perfectly wicks moisture, is flexible, fireproof (not on the same scale of protective clothing, but it is extremely difficult to burn it with a spark from the fire) and durable.
    Merino wool is used in the production of all types of clothing. In stores you can find alike standard shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and sweaters with its admixture, as well as underwear, t-shirts or socks.

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    Simple leggings versus leggings for fitness - the differences

    When entering the training room, we should be focused on our physical activities - leaving everyday problems in the changing room. It’s a great way of active recreation, but you must remember to bring with you the necessary equipment that will allow you to perform the exercises comfortably.

    It is not without reason that sports leggings differ in design and fabric, they must withstand much higher strain and be resistant to mechanical damage.


    Thickness and type of fabric - comfort and convenience

    People not related to the strength exercises often ask why male athletes wear leggings during training. However, there are exercises that are uncomfortable when performed in shorts or loose cotton tracksuits - a great example is the deadlift. Lifting the bar close to the legs, we will constantly catch on the loose material, thus blocking the possibility of a full lockout.

    Leggings made of thick fabric cling tightly to the skin and thanks to their flexibility, they do not shine through - guaranteeing that we do not have to worry about everyone seeing our underwear.

    Another aspect is the moisture wicking - the increased physical exercise causes excessive sweating. The leggings job is to drain sweat away from the body, spreading it over a large surface - this way it will dry up sooner and we will not feel the discomfort of wet pants sticking to the legs.

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    What to do when a regular tracksuit is not enough anymore?

    If the training involves a person who is wearing a normal cotton tracksuit and T-shirt, not equipment and clothing that is adapted to the sport, it’s almost immediately known that it’s a beginner.

    More advanced people need equipment that will not restrict their movement during dynamic twists and turns – that is why athletes often wear elastic shirts and shorts from synthetic materials.


    Synthetic fabrics - hygiene and comfort
    Natural fabrics (eg cotton) absorb moisture very well, but they dry extremely slowly, so sweat, which is cooling the body during excessive physical activity, causes the T-shirt to stick - it’s not comfortable nor hygienic.

    In the case of contact sports, this is an extremely big problem, no one wants to be on the training mat with a friend who is sweaty. Fabric manufacturers, however, found some interesting solutions that allow for free and clean sparring.

    So what should you do when a normal cotton tracksuit is not enough anymore? The best choice is the purchase of special training clothes, which are made of synthetic fabric, adapted to the sport in terms of durability (some have 3 times greater resistance to mechanical damage from natural materials), lightness, flexibility and sweat wicking. Such an outfit will certainly make the demanding workouts much more pleasant.

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    Hockey - durable fabrics are the foundation

    Putting on skates, protectors and helmets, players entering the field do not think about the durability of their clothing. They only care for winning the match, getting the most points and to not sustain an injury, which in the case of hockey is unfortunately very likely.

    Considering that hockey is a contact sport that at some points can even become brutal, the fabric from which players' outfits are made of is a huge challenge for clothing manufacturers.


    Adapting the fabric to the requirements

    Collision with another player usually results in contact and sliding on hard surface, add to this the low temperature, game speed, protectors and a large amount of sweat, which is caused by a combination of both physical exertion and adrenaline. Fabric manufacturers have to constantly look for new solutions that will meet the expectations of players!

    Hockey uniforms are very characteristic and differ in many ways from outfits for basketball and soccer that are much more popular in Poland. They are, however, connected by the fact that they are colorfully adorned so that recognising the teams during the dynamic action was effortless.

    It’s also worth distinguishing the size of hockey shirts and shorts, which are loose not without reason - they must accommodate large and heavy players who are covered by many protectors all over their bodies. Contact with the opposing team is not the only threat, getting hit by hockey puck can also result in a serious injury.

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    Sportswear technology - more and more opportunities

    The times when sports clothes were classic cotton T-shirts and shorts with elastic waistband are long gone. In just over a dozen years the technological advancement of garment production has been developed so rapidly that we now have opportunities that could only dreamt of until recently.

    Coolmax, Tactel, Merino wool are just a few materials and fibers that are used in today's products by companies aimed at sportswear. Is it worth to consider what these products are characterized by?


    Hygiene and comfort of use

    Hearing about fabrics such as wool, most people imagine thick, warm and extremely scratchy sweaters - Merino wool is obtained from merino sheep. Not only is it antibacterial and hypoallergenic, it also has excellent insulation properties, moisture management and lightness.

    Coolmax is designed for fabrics that are used to make thermoactive sports underwear, it is characterized by excellent moisture transfer ability, thanks to which sweat is spread from one point to a larger surface and evaporates much faster, leaving the skin dry.

    Tactel is a nylon yarn that is able to dry 8 times faster than other types of natural fabrics, can boast 3 times greater resistance to mechanical damage and lightness (increased by 20% compared to other fabrics of the same class).

    There are many other offers for demanding customers, we invite you to acquaint yourself with them on our website.

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    What is Tactel? A few words of explanation

    Who would have thought more than a dozen years ago that the advancement of sportswear will begin to develop so intensively. Tactel is a synthetic nylon yarn, characterized by much better properties than classic cotton and other natural materials.

    What what characteristics should a sports fabric have? Will Tactel meet the expectations of the most demanding group of customers? What will clothing companies surprise with in the new seasons by offering an assortment from such fabrics? It’s worth considering this before the final choice!


    Hygiene, durability and pleasure of use
    Each synthetic fabric continues to be controversial among a large group of people. However they must agree that the classic cotton T-shirts are not suitable for most dynamic disciplines, in which sweating is increased several times - the sweat-soaked T-shirt sticking to the back and chest is not the most pleasant feeling.

    Wool, on the other hand, can irritate the skin (with the exception of Merino wool), so it can be a big problem for athletes who are moving all the time!

    Tactel is 3 times more durable than natural fabrics, dries much faster than classic cotton (manufacturers say about even 8 times shorter drying time), and additionally it’s light and airy.

    It sounds too good to be true? Well, the advancement of garment production technology provides customers with great opportunities - and Tactel is a perfect example.

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    Fabric for fitness - maximizing the effects

    Weightlifting, pilates classes, dynamic cycling and Zumba are great physical activities, for which even very busy people will find time. Fitness is divided into many categories, all of which require properly fitting outfit, fabrics and accessories.

    Although the use of a professional outfit for recreational and amateur training seems pointless, it’s able to improve the comfort, quality and performance of any given contestant. It is worth considering buying a set that will meet all expectations.


    Strength training
    Not only women come to the gym in leggings - elastic pants are almost required for such exercises as deadlift and squats - in the first movement the bar moves along the tibia line and thighs, so in the case of loose tracksuits, it can catch on pants, blocking the motion. During the squat, a flexible fabric is needed, which in the lower phase will not restrict movement.


    Dynamic activity and stretching

    Zumba, spinning and stretching etc. require no movement restrictions and great moisture wicking, so fabric manufacturers have a real challenge to make a product that doesn’t show through, regulates the temperature and drains sweat away from the body - however using synthetic materials with products such as Merino wool, you can get a really surprisingly professional model of pants or T-shirts for dynamic fitness training.

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    Cycling - ride comfortably and faster

    Recreational cycling is a great way to spend your free time or as a means of ecological transport. In the case of professional athletes, the expectations regarding the equipment and outfit are much greater – it is no wonder that fabric manufactirers are working double time to meet the expectations of the most demanding groups of athletes. What is the influence on proper fitting outfit for cyclists? Does clothing have a real impact on their results? Bet on the responsible choice!


    Create a full set

    If we talk about full equipment for bicycle training, remember about such elements as:

    • helmet,
    • gloves,
    • glasses,
    • shorts,
    • T-shirt,
    • footwear,
    • underwear.


    Of which all elements should be tailored and adapted to the specific sport discipline! If it’s a downhill, then the fabric from which the pants and T-shirt are made will be completely different than in the case of road cycling.


    Sweat draining and maintaining proper body temperature

    Fabrics used in professional sports must be characterized by extremely strong body temperature regulating properties - in the case of a race in winter conditions, clothing should keep the optimal amount of heat so that the body does not cool down, while during the summer temperatures, when the sweating is increased, it is necessary to constantly drain excess moisture. Merino wool has excellent properties, which are used in elements of high quality professional cycling clothing.

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