Swimming is a sport that possesses particular challenges for manufacturers of knitted fabrics. 

Swimwear, caps, and swimsuits made of fabrics are exposed to considerable mechanical stress as its direct contact with water, often chlorinated or ozonated, imperils a loss of mechanical properties due to chemical reactions. After swimming, clothing is wet for an extended period, and there is a risk of the growth of microorganisms. Sports costumes are also used in a wide range of temperatures; beyond being used in the swimming pool, they are often taken to the sauna and exposed to the sun. Variable temperature and ultraviolet light can change the structure of the fabric if it is not adequately prepared for such a hostile environment. Growing concerns for ecology impose the need for low-energy manufacturing and recycling processes. Effectively, the production of top-quality fabric becomes a challenge. First of all, it is necessary to use the highest quality materials and meticulous observance of quality control at every production stage.













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width: 150 cm
weight: 200 g/m2
composition: 18% EL 82% PES


width: 156 cm
weight: 300 g/m2
composition: 23% EL 77% PES


width: 155 cm
weight: 150 g/m2
composition: 8% EL 92% PES


width: 155 cm
weight: 200 g/m2
composition: 14% EL 86% PES


width: 156 cm
weight: 300 g/m2
composition: 81% PES 19% EL


width: 160 cm
weight: 90 g/m2
composition: 100% PA


width: 150 cm
weight: 220 g/m2
composition: 13% EL 87% PES

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