Hockey is one of the most forceful and kinetic contact sports; hockey garments require the highest resistance and durability. 

We've created a unique weave knitwear collection using the most durable yarns keeping in mind the qualities of performance and attractive appearance. Recently we have observed trends towards multi-colored visualization in sports, specifically in fabrics for Hockey. Therefore, our products are exposed to special treatment that enables the full spectrum of modern printing techniques. Excellent functional advantages, advanced processing, and elegant design are features that can satisfy even the most demanding customers.

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width: 160 cm
weight: 250g/m2
composition: 100% PES


width: 160 cm
weight: 300g/m2
composition: 100% PES


width: 160 cm
weight: 140 g/m2
composition: 100% PES


width: 160 cm
weight: 260 g/m2
composition: 5% EL 95% PES

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