What to do when a regular tracksuit is not enough anymore?

If the training involves a person who is wearing a normal cotton tracksuit and T-shirt, not equipment and clothing that is adapted to the sport, it’s almost immediately known that it’s a beginner.

More advanced people need equipment that will not restrict their movement during dynamic twists and turns – that is why athletes often wear elastic shirts and shorts from synthetic materials.


Synthetic fabrics - hygiene and comfort
Natural fabrics (eg cotton) absorb moisture very well, but they dry extremely slowly, so sweat, which is cooling the body during excessive physical activity, causes the T-shirt to stick - it’s not comfortable nor hygienic.

In the case of contact sports, this is an extremely big problem, no one wants to be on the training mat with a friend who is sweaty. Fabric manufacturers, however, found some interesting solutions that allow for free and clean sparring.

So what should you do when a normal cotton tracksuit is not enough anymore? The best choice is the purchase of special training clothes, which are made of synthetic fabric, adapted to the sport in terms of durability (some have 3 times greater resistance to mechanical damage from natural materials), lightness, flexibility and sweat wicking. Such an outfit will certainly make the demanding workouts much more pleasant.


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