What is Tactel? A few words of explanation

Who would have thought more than a dozen years ago that the advancement of sportswear will begin to develop so intensively. Tactel is a synthetic nylon yarn, characterized by much better properties than classic cotton and other natural materials.

What what characteristics should a sports fabric have? Will Tactel meet the expectations of the most demanding group of customers? What will clothing companies surprise with in the new seasons by offering an assortment from such fabrics? It’s worth considering this before the final choice!


Hygiene, durability and pleasure of use
Each synthetic fabric continues to be controversial among a large group of people. However they must agree that the classic cotton T-shirts are not suitable for most dynamic disciplines, in which sweating is increased several times - the sweat-soaked T-shirt sticking to the back and chest is not the most pleasant feeling.

Wool, on the other hand, can irritate the skin (with the exception of Merino wool), so it can be a big problem for athletes who are moving all the time!

Tactel is 3 times more durable than natural fabrics, dries much faster than classic cotton (manufacturers say about even 8 times shorter drying time), and additionally it’s light and airy.

It sounds too good to be true? Well, the advancement of garment production technology provides customers with great opportunities - and Tactel is a perfect example.


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