The meaning of socks in sport - fabric at the ready

Regardless of whether we play basketball, football, volleyball, run, or are passionate about cycling, we need socks. It is an element that accompanies all sports disciplines in which specialized footwear is required (except perhaps for water sports, where footwear is a foundation).

In this case the meaning of fabrics is huge, providing adequate ventilation to the feet is a guarantee of maximizing results and comfort - which will also translate into focus and lack of possible injuries.


Ventilation and maintaining the right temperature

The use of synthetic materials, can guarantee the lack of pressure and adaptation to the shape of the foot, however, many products offer very poor ventilation, so the temperature is high enough to cause discomfort. Fabric manufacturers nowadays have much greater possibilities, thanks to which they can mix and combine synthetic and natural fabrics, guaranteeing flexibility and comfort of wear, combined with breathability.

We should also pay attention to the thickness and softness of the fabric - especially for runners who train on hard surfaces all the time and have to care for their joints, tendons and feet. For those who run the half-marathons, even seemingly low cushioning is noticeable.

An interesting fact is that Merino wool is one of the most popular fabrics used in the production of athletic socks.


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