Sportswear technology - more and more opportunities

The times when sports clothes were classic cotton T-shirts and shorts with elastic waistband are long gone. In just over a dozen years the technological advancement of garment production has been developed so rapidly that we now have opportunities that could only dreamt of until recently.

Coolmax, Tactel, Merino wool are just a few materials and fibers that are used in today's products by companies aimed at sportswear. Is it worth to consider what these products are characterized by?


Hygiene and comfort of use

Hearing about fabrics such as wool, most people imagine thick, warm and extremely scratchy sweaters - Merino wool is obtained from merino sheep. Not only is it antibacterial and hypoallergenic, it also has excellent insulation properties, moisture management and lightness.

Coolmax is designed for fabrics that are used to make thermoactive sports underwear, it is characterized by excellent moisture transfer ability, thanks to which sweat is spread from one point to a larger surface and evaporates much faster, leaving the skin dry.

Tactel is a nylon yarn that is able to dry 8 times faster than other types of natural fabrics, can boast 3 times greater resistance to mechanical damage and lightness (increased by 20% compared to other fabrics of the same class).

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