Sports leggings and print durability

Analyzing the offers of companies involved in the production of sportswear, you can see a certain correlation, which distinguishes it from every day clothing. We talk about prints that state in a distinctive way that it is a model dedicated to players involved in physical training.

Rashguard and leggings are a great example, the print on them is much more functional than you might think. It is worth noting what kind of fabric has been used, the method of printing and what color it has in order for the product to enjoy long life and reliability.


Manufacturers of fabric and sportswear - why do they use prints?

Shining through is a very serious problem that most manufacturers struggle with. They want to offer their customers a highly flexible and lightweight product, but low-quality fabric will certainly expose underwear when squatting. Thick fabric on the other hand will not offer training comfort, it will not drain water quickly enough and will not provide the right amount of air.

Prints allow in some way to cover or divert attention from the temporary shining through, they improve the psychological comfort of the athlete, who does not have to give up light and well-draining fabric. The print must be of good quality with high elasticity, just as the fabric used, because if it stretches, it will no longer look good.

It also plays the role of masking sweat stains in places that are uncomfortable for competitors, so if you are preparing a hard workout, it's worth taking care of your psychological comfort.


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