Simple leggings versus leggings for fitness - the differences

When entering the training room, we should be focused on our physical activities - leaving everyday problems in the changing room. It’s a great way of active recreation, but you must remember to bring with you the necessary equipment that will allow you to perform the exercises comfortably.

It is not without reason that sports leggings differ in design and fabric, they must withstand much higher strain and be resistant to mechanical damage.


Thickness and type of fabric - comfort and convenience

People not related to the strength exercises often ask why male athletes wear leggings during training. However, there are exercises that are uncomfortable when performed in shorts or loose cotton tracksuits - a great example is the deadlift. Lifting the bar close to the legs, we will constantly catch on the loose material, thus blocking the possibility of a full lockout.

Leggings made of thick fabric cling tightly to the skin and thanks to their flexibility, they do not shine through - guaranteeing that we do not have to worry about everyone seeing our underwear.

Another aspect is the moisture wicking - the increased physical exercise causes excessive sweating. The leggings job is to drain sweat away from the body, spreading it over a large surface - this way it will dry up sooner and we will not feel the discomfort of wet pants sticking to the legs.


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