Merino wool and its application in high mountain sports

Mountain climbing is a great adventure that allows you to gain extraordinary experience, meet special people and see unique places that most people will see only in photos and postcards. Every trip in such a difficult terrain requires proper training and purchase of equipment that will allow for safe and comfortable conquering of the mountains.

Fabric manufacturers are not complacent and are constantly looking for solutions that will make alpine climbing a pure pleasure. Today, we want to introduce to you one of the fabrics that conquers the mountain enthusiasts...


Merino wool - quality, warmth, reliability.

Success comes with pain... That's what the VIPs of the world say, who managed to climb many peaks - regardless of whether it is business, their own skills or belonging to a group of conquerors of the most difficult mountain trails. However, you can minimize this pain by using professional equipment and clothing that is adapted to these conditions.

Merino wool is a great example. It is not only characterized by thermal insulation at an outstanding level, but also perfectly wicks moisture, is flexible, fireproof (not on the same scale of protective clothing, but it is extremely difficult to burn it with a spark from the fire) and durable.
Merino wool is used in the production of all types of clothing. In stores you can find alike standard shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and sweaters with its admixture, as well as underwear, t-shirts or socks.


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