Martial arts - the best fabric for clothing

When practicing karate, a kimono should be worn. When choosing judo, you will need a judoka, while for MMA classes, rashguard is useful. Each sport discipline requires using different fabric and cut, so it's worth knowing what to look for when choosing clothing.

One of the currently most popular fabrics in recent times is the functional and extremely comfortable Merino wool, which is characterized by antibacterial properties, flexibility and durability. However, is it suitable for all sports disciplines?


Fabric manufacturers with an offer for people modern and caring for tradition

Judoka is characterized by a stiff fabric and a classic traditional cut, which has been used for many generations. While the fabric used to be was completely natural, today in the composition of many models, you can see mostly polyester. Is this a good choice? For amateurs, who want to reduce the cost of purchase it should be enough. At a more advanced level, better products are necessary.

Merino wool is rarely seen in martial arts and it does not matter if it's rashguards or kimonos. Manufacturers usually choose synthetic replacements that are simply more popular. However, taking into account that Merino wool dynamically takes over the market of thermoactive clothes, runner clothes and mountaineering equipment, it is just a matter of time before this fabric appears in the functional elements of the fighters' wardrobe.


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