Hockey - durable fabrics are the foundation

Putting on skates, protectors and helmets, players entering the field do not think about the durability of their clothing. They only care for winning the match, getting the most points and to not sustain an injury, which in the case of hockey is unfortunately very likely.

Considering that hockey is a contact sport that at some points can even become brutal, the fabric from which players' outfits are made of is a huge challenge for clothing manufacturers.


Adapting the fabric to the requirements

Collision with another player usually results in contact and sliding on hard surface, add to this the low temperature, game speed, protectors and a large amount of sweat, which is caused by a combination of both physical exertion and adrenaline. Fabric manufacturers have to constantly look for new solutions that will meet the expectations of players!

Hockey uniforms are very characteristic and differ in many ways from outfits for basketball and soccer that are much more popular in Poland. They are, however, connected by the fact that they are colorfully adorned so that recognising the teams during the dynamic action was effortless.

It’s also worth distinguishing the size of hockey shirts and shorts, which are loose not without reason - they must accommodate large and heavy players who are covered by many protectors all over their bodies. Contact with the opposing team is not the only threat, getting hit by hockey puck can also result in a serious injury.


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