Fabric for fitness - maximizing the effects

Weightlifting, pilates classes, dynamic cycling and Zumba are great physical activities, for which even very busy people will find time. Fitness is divided into many categories, all of which require properly fitting outfit, fabrics and accessories.

Although the use of a professional outfit for recreational and amateur training seems pointless, it’s able to improve the comfort, quality and performance of any given contestant. It is worth considering buying a set that will meet all expectations.


Strength training
Not only women come to the gym in leggings - elastic pants are almost required for such exercises as deadlift and squats - in the first movement the bar moves along the tibia line and thighs, so in the case of loose tracksuits, it can catch on pants, blocking the motion. During the squat, a flexible fabric is needed, which in the lower phase will not restrict movement.


Dynamic activity and stretching

Zumba, spinning and stretching etc. require no movement restrictions and great moisture wicking, so fabric manufacturers have a real challenge to make a product that doesn’t show through, regulates the temperature and drains sweat away from the body - however using synthetic materials with products such as Merino wool, you can get a really surprisingly professional model of pants or T-shirts for dynamic fitness training.


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