Cycling - ride comfortably and faster

Recreational cycling is a great way to spend your free time or as a means of ecological transport. In the case of professional athletes, the expectations regarding the equipment and outfit are much greater – it is no wonder that fabric manufactirers are working double time to meet the expectations of the most demanding groups of athletes. What is the influence on proper fitting outfit for cyclists? Does clothing have a real impact on their results? Bet on the responsible choice!


Create a full set

If we talk about full equipment for bicycle training, remember about such elements as:

  • helmet,
  • gloves,
  • glasses,
  • shorts,
  • T-shirt,
  • footwear,
  • underwear.


Of which all elements should be tailored and adapted to the specific sport discipline! If it’s a downhill, then the fabric from which the pants and T-shirt are made will be completely different than in the case of road cycling.


Sweat draining and maintaining proper body temperature

Fabrics used in professional sports must be characterized by extremely strong body temperature regulating properties - in the case of a race in winter conditions, clothing should keep the optimal amount of heat so that the body does not cool down, while during the summer temperatures, when the sweating is increased, it is necessary to constantly drain excess moisture. Merino wool has excellent properties, which are used in elements of high quality professional cycling clothing.


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