Cool climate and everyday use of merino wool

Residents of Scandinavia, Canada and other places where the climate does not spoil with high temperatures and a lot of sun, are used to the prevailing conditions. The problem may arise with tourists who visit a given place once in a while and do not know what to expect and what equipment to take with them.

Fortunately, fabric manufacturers took care of the cold climate fans, offering, among others, clothing from a fabric such as Merino wool, which is obtained from merino sheep.

Let's ask ourselves, what can we expect from it?


Merino wool - an excellent choice for everyone.

Classic wool sweaters are associated with thick, heavy and scratchy fabric which is a cause of some discomfort. Getting used to such products can cost a lot of effort from people wearing them.

Merino wool is a fabric that offers better parameters in terms of strength and application, also customers can be sure not to experience the unpleasant sensations associated with skin irritation. It is above all an ecological material, obtained from merino sheep originating in Asia. Thanks to the use of advanced technologies, the clothes look like classic cotton products - although they are much better.

The price of clothing may seem higher, however it should be taken into account that it is a natural product and, above all, functional - merino wool is also used to produce clothes for athletes and mountaineering enthusiasts.


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